The importance of selecting a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon cannot be overstated. To help you get to know Dr. Mark Richards’s patient-focused approach to cosmetic surgery, we have provided unedited testimonials from individuals with whom we have provided services. We hope the following reviews serve as a helpful resource as you consider your aesthetic enhancement options. To learn more about Dr. Richards, our practice, and treatment options, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Upon deciding to have blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery, I did much research and consulted with several doctors. I chose Dr. Mark Richards because he is widely-recognized as a top surgeon; he is also considered the “go to” cosmetic surgeon in the region.Cosmetic surgery is not formulaic; there is a measure of interpretive skill involved. I am very pleased with the results of my procedure. I look younger, and consequently feel better.My experience with Ageless Impressions Plastic Surgery Institute was excellent throughout the process. Dr. Richards and his staff create a comfortable patient environment, and the entire staff can be commended for their professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Richards and the Ageless Impressions Plastic Surgery Institute for a positive experience and most importantly, happy results.

J.T. Bethesda, MD

Dr. Richards,
Words can not express how thankful I am to you and your staff for making me feel young and gorgeous again! I LOVE my face! My cheeks look like they did when I was 20, my jawline is more defined and my chin implant brings so much definition to the bottom of my face. In short, my overall appearance is youthful and elegant! Since my surgery, I have been noticed everywhere I go.People call my look “amazing,” “so good,” and “like a model.” I have been asked why I never modeled, asked on a date by a 25 year old male (who thought I was his same age), and called “amazing-looking” all in the same week!!
Suffice it to say, I have been to many cosmetic surgeons in the past 3 years and often they ask “what do you want? a chin implant? cheeks?” as if they are looking for step by step directions. I told you I just want to look younger and more sculpted and you suggested to me what you could do to accomplish that look.

You are a brilliant surgeon and I really appreciate your leadership, expertise and caring nature.

I want to let you know that you made my life better by giving me my youth and my confidence back.

Your staff should also be recognized – they are all outstanding. I appreciate Linda doing such a great job on my skin and taking the time to inform me re/ the products, side effects, etc. Janie also did a great job of informing me what to expect following surgery including the 2 day “lull” I would have.
Shannon was so helpful and flexible when we rescheduled so many times due to my husbands work and Robin had some great suggestions on products.

Thank you again!!
All the best,

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