UltraSlim® Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

One of the most difficult experiences that many people face is trying to lose excess fat. Even with diet and exercise, patients can struggle to address pockets of stubborn fatty tissue on the face and body. One option is liposuction, a surgical procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body. However, many individuals are uninterested or not candidates for surgery. Fortunately, there is another choice. UltraSlim® is an FDA-approved revolutionary non-surgical procedure that uses a special wavelength of light to break down fat cells with no downtime and quick results. We are proud to be the first and only practice in the Maryland and DC area to offer this exciting technology. If you’re interested in addressing “trouble areas” but do not want the recovery and expense associated with invasive measures, UltraSlim® may be right for you.

What Is UltraSlim® Fat Reduction?

UltraSlim® is the ONLY FDA approved noninvasive device for IMMEDIATE fat loss. It can be used on virtually any area of the face or body. It uses advanced technology to encourage the leakage of fat from the fat cells, which can then be excreted out by the body’s natural metabolic processes. UltraSlim® is NOT similar to other non-surgical fat reduction methods, like CoolSculpting® and SculpSure®, which depend on the death and destruction of your living tissue, and the accompanying recovery and discomfort. UltraSlim offers faster results than either of those destructive treatments, with no pain or downtime.

How Does UltraSlim® Work?

UltraSlim® uses a specific wavelength of visible red light that opens the pores on the fat cell wall, allowing the fat to leak out of the cells for up to 48 hours. This red light is cool to the touch and does not cause heat or cellular damage to the fat cells. As a result, no unwanted tissue side effects have been noted with UltraSlim®. Patients do not experience any discomfort during treatment, which typically lasts about 32 minutes.

Additionally, this red light therapy, also called UltraSlim Cold Light®, causes a photochemical reaction in skin cells that can tighten skin and create a more youthful appearance in the treated area. This technique has been used in hospitals for medical purposes for many years to accelerate healing.

UltraSlim® can help many people lose unwanted pounds, but it is not appropriate for every person. If you are pregnant, have active cancer, or are sensitive to light therapy, you should consider another technique for your goals. During your initial consultation, our board certified plastic surgeon will review your needs and discuss your goals to determine if UltraSlim® is right for you. You should also be in good general health, have reasonable expectations for the result, and desire a slimmer contour in one or more targeted areas.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

While some benefits should be visible after the first treatment, the vast majority of patients opt to receive a multi-treatment package in order to achieve their desired outcome. The number of sessions will vary based on your individual characteristics, number of areas to treat, and other factors. Treatment plans can range from as little as three to as many as 24 treatments. We will review the estimated number of sessions you will need during your first appointment. It’s important to remember that everyone responds a little differently to UltraSlim®. While it can work for most people (100% of people in the FDA trials lost fat), those with faster metabolisms, such as people who exercise somewhat regularly and follow a nutritious diet, tend to see more pronounced effects. We encourage our patients to maintain healthy habits to optimize their outcome.

What Is UltraSlim® Recovery Like?

UltraSlim® is designed to be painless, comfortable, and relatively quick. Treatment of the torso takes about 32 minutes, and you are welcome to return to your normal schedule following the procedure. There are no limitations on activity, and you should see continued fat loss over the next week in addition to more immediate results.

For more information about this exciting non-surgical treatment, contact our practice to schedule a consultation to discuss UltraSlim® with our plastic surgeon.