Brazilian Butt Lift

VASER® LipoSelection® allows not only a more precise and sculpted liposuction result, but also the reuse of the removed fat for the augmentation of other areas of the body. A Brazilian butt lift involves harvesting fat from one area during a body contouring procedure and injecting it into the muscles of the buttocks, where the additional tissue creates lasting smoothness and roundness. This process leaves the patient with better results and fewer side effects than other methods of buttock enhancement.

The concept of harvesting fat from an area of the body where it is undesirable and moving it to another that could benefit from more volume has been used in plastic surgery for over a decade. Though it was first developed for use in facial micro injections, this technique can now be applied to larger areas with larger volume needs thanks to advances in technology. As an extensively trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Richards first learned how to perform the Brazilian butt lift while speaking with some South American colleagues at a meeting for early users of the VASER® LipoSelection® system, which allows for the safe removal or larger amounts of fat tissue while leaving the fat cells more intact.

With a Brazilian butt lift, you can expect a smoother, more voluptuous buttock contour that will last for years. The procedure can also be used to fill in “dents” caused by infections or trauma. A very high proportion of patients who undergo the liposuction and injection process at our practice have found the results very satisfactory, and none have reported lumps in the injected area. The procedure also carries much less risk of infection than butt implants do. Some minor swelling and mild muscle soreness are to be expected, but they should disappear within two to four weeks. A compression garment will also be worn for up to four weeks to help mold the shape of the butt and reduce swelling.

*Individual Results May Vary