Whether you seek to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, or wish to tighten sagging skin, Dr. Mark E. Richards will work with you to find a procedure that will best meet your needs. These procedures can help to give you a more toned and attractive physique. Please review the information below to learn more about the variety of treatment options available. Dr. Richards and the knowledgeable staff at Ageless Impressions – Plastic Surgery Institute are available to answer any questions you may have, and are happy to provide further information if the procedure you are looking for is not listed. Please contact us today with your questions, or to schedule a consultation.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular procedure for those who have recently lost a significant amount of weight or have extra loose skin following a pregnancy. People who wish to have a more toned appearance through the removal of excess skin and fat can also benefit from this procedure, often combined with liposuction.

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Liposuction with VASER® LipoSelection®

Even people who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet have areas of stubborn fat that are difficult to get rid of. Liposuction can help many people to reduce the amount of fat on their bodies in order to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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Arm and Legs

Throughout the aging process, loose skin can occur in both the legs and arms. This can occur for a number of reasons, including weight loss. Fat deposits can also become stubborn in these areas, creating an undesirable appearance. With an arm or thigh lift, these areas can be restored to a healthier appearance.

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Post-Bariatric Body Sculpting

Following massive weight loss from extreme diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, many patients find themselves left with excessive loose skin all over the body. With post-weight loss procedures, Dr. Richards is able to help reveal the results of your efforts to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

As an additional feature of VASER® LipoSelection®, Dr. Richards is able to remove fat from an undesirable area and relocate it to the buttocks for a fuller, attractive shape.

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