What Is a Minimally Invasive Arm Lift?

armlift2After significant weight loss, due to either bariatric surgery or dedicated adherence to a diet and exercise regimen, you should feel great accomplishment. However, skin laxity, particularly in the arms, often can limit appreciation for all your hard work and even make you feel self conscious about wearing certain clothes. Dr. Mark Richards, our skilled and innovative plastic surgeon, performs an advanced arm lift technique that can reduce excess skin, enhance the contour of your arms, and leave a smaller, less noticeable incision than the traditional brachioplasty procedure. Don’t let discomfort with skin laxity stop you from enjoying your weight loss success!

Dr. Richards uses a multi-step approach with most minimal incision arm lift procedures. Depending on your unique needs and goals, he often uses VASER® liposuction in conjunction with skin removal brachioplasty to achieve the best possible results. During the procedure, he will create an incision in the armpit, perform liposuction as needed, and pull the loose skin up, creating a more taut, aesthetically appealing look. He will then remove the excess skin and close the incision. The process of lifting the skin will be similar to pulling up a pair of panty hose, which tightens as upward traction is applied. This method typically results in smoother skin and a shapelier outcome than traditional arm lift surgery with a long scar and no liposuction.

If you’re frustrated by excess skin on your arms after achieving significant weight loss, Dr. Richards can customize a treatment plan that will address your concerns and optimize your results. If you would like to learn more about minimally invasive arm lift or schedule a consultation with Dr. Richards, please contact our office today. We look forward to helping you complete the final steps of your weight loss journey.

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