Reducing Cellulite Without Surgery

VioraIn part one of our two-part blog series, Dr. Mark Richards explains how the Viora Reaction™ can help his patients reduce the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite.

Cellulite is something many of my patients struggle with. Many people find that, even with strict diet and exercise, it is difficult or impossible to reduce the appearance of cellulite. While there are surgical options available, many patients prefer to improve their appearance without the recovery time associated with surgery. With Viora Reaction™, I have been able to help patients reduce cellulite in areas such as the inner and outer thighs, as well as the buttocks. Although I generally recommend 6-8 treatments for optimal results, patients tend to prefer Reaction™ over surgery because the treatment sessions are fairly brief (typically 20-30 minutes). Patients also enjoy the freedom of being able to return to their daily activities immediately afterward.

The Viora Reaction™ works by painlessly heating the skin and subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin. Reaction™ uses adjustable levels of radiofrequency (RF) energy with which to create gentle heat at different depths. When treating cellulite, I typically use the multi-channel setting, which allows me to heat all three layers simultaneously. This helps to shrink fat cells and improve collagen production, leading to a smoother, firmer skin texture.

If you’re curious about cellulite reduction with Reaction™, please contact my office today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Please check back to our blog soon for part two of our blog series to learn how Viora Reaction™ can non-surgically contour the body and tighten skin.

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