Am I A Candidate for Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

shutterstock_67944283Determining which type of breast implant is right for you often is one of the most difficult decisions of the breast augmentation process. With so many available forms, sometimes selecting one can feel overwhelming. If you’ve heard about the gummy bear or cohesive gel implant, you may be wondering if this new option will offer you the most beautiful results with highest level of safety possible. Dr. Mark E. Richards, who has extensive experience performing breast enlargement surgery, can clarify the benefits and risks of these implants with regard to your unique needs during your initial consultation, which will include a number of eligibility requirements.

One of the most important criteria for anyone considering breast enlargement surgery will be the individual’s current state of health. During your initial consultation, Dr. Richards will examine you and discuss your medical history to determine if you’re eligible for the operation. He will also speak with you about your reasons for wanting the surgery and what specifically you would like to accomplish with regard to the appearance of your breasts. Reasonable expectations for the outcome are important. Cohesive gel implants are anatomically shaped and form stable; they are designed to retain their shape even when a patient moves around or changes position. They typically also are less likely to leak or have a contracture compared to other silicone breast implants. However, if you prefer not to have a silicone implant inside your body, anatomic saline implants may be a better option for you. You must also be over the age of 22 years to receive gummy bear implants as a cosmetic procedure, although patients seeking reconstructive breast surgery may be younger.

If you have additional questions about gummy bear implants and whether they may be right for you, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richards, please contact our office today.

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