Should I Combine Eyelid Lift and Brow Lift Surgery?

The forehead and eyes work together to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Usually you have a lot of control over the expressions you’re revealing; however, the natural aging process can leave others with an impression that’s different from what you intended. For instance, under-eye bags, puffy or droopy eyelids, and a heavily creased or descending brow can make you appear tired, angry, or sad, even when you’re well-rested and happy. Since the eyes and the forehead are in many ways linked, addressing both regions at once can often achieve more comprehensive cosmetic enhancement. Your needs and goals are unique to you, which is why Dr. Mark Richards, our board certified plastic surgeon, customizes every treatment. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to check out our pages on eyelid lift and brow lift surgery. If you have additional questions, our skilled medical team will be happy to provide more information.

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