Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Time Maryland

You’re sort of also like a Picasso if I may use that term for the simple fact that you’re really working with the patient obviously as to what they want, what that individual wants he or she, you’re really working with them and sculpting it and certainly making it lighter and firmer as opposed to the sagging breasts that we’ve seen in the pictures and you’ve described here. Well there’s no doubt there is a cosmetic improvement that comes with it although most women that come to me that really is their secondary interest. Although afterwards they’re very appreciative for the attractiveness that the breasts now have. Now what is the typical recovery time? I’d say the typical recovery time such as time back to work is probably about a week and again it’s not because of discomfort because usually by the second or third day they’re in the mall actually looking at new clothes and feeling quite good. But there are sutures and there are incisions and I think it’s just better to have somebody off work for about a week to allow healing to progress a bit before they go back. A common question they ask is in the future are they gonna be able to breast feed. And with this technique, the technique that I use, which is the central pedicle technique, the nipple is left attached to the breast tissue and really it’s the extra skin as we saw in the operative shots that’s removed along with the breast tissue. So the central breast tissue and nipple are intact. That usually preserves sensation to the nipple, blood supply to the nipple, and the milk ducts to the nipple.
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