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I wanted to start off by asking you Dr. Richards what Rhinoplasty is. Well Rhinoplasty is the changing of somebody’s nose. It’s as simple as that. And in what shape or form are we talking about when we say changing one’s nose? Well sometimes the nose is too small proportionally for the face, sometimes it’s too large. Sometimes there is just one area that may be aesthetically unattractive. There’s different approaches that can be used for Rhinoplasty. You can do a closed Rhinoplasty meaning all the incisions are inside the nose or you can do an open Rhinoplasty where most of the incisions are inside the nose but there’s one incision on the outside right about here, and you use that incision to lift the skin up off the nose to work on the structures directly. That’s called an open Rhinoplasty. Closed Rhinoplasty has been around for centuries. Open Rhinoplasty was really popularized perhaps about 10-15 years ago.

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