Linda Tripp Facelift Revision Surgery – Dr. Mark Richards

Finally your treat, your pictures that haven’t been seen before, the left is a front view of Miss Tripp approximately 6 months after she had her face lift surgery done in Los Angeles. She was very unhappy with it as you heard. I think she probably had some improvement from what she originally looked like but there were things about her face that really bothered her greatly. She didn’t like the chin implant that was given to her there that made her almost look like her nemesis Jay Leno. She has an elongated face and so she needed more width applied to the cheeks. That can only really be accomplished through cheek lift or a cheek implant. The brows were still down giving her a stern expression. So she had many of these things done, too much to go into today, and you can see on the right her face is much more oval, she’s softer, she has a much prettier look. In fact she looks pretty. You can see a ¾ shot which is really the most telling shot. It’s the view that we look at people the most in conversation. We’re rarely face to face and you’re rarely talking to somebody on their side. You’re almost always talking to somebody 3/4. It’s the least threatening, it’s the most common in conversation. And here is her ¾ shot. On the left you can see the cheeks are flat, she looks tired, she looks a bit sad, the chin is pointy and long. And on the right everything is much smoother. It’s more curved, more oval. And she has an attractive appealing look to her.

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