Treating Cellulite Without Surgery

Approximately 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men have cellulite, a condition that causes dimpling and rippling in the skin. This common concern is harmless but can be a cause of self-consciousness for many people. Treating cellulite can be complicated because of how it is formed. The superficial support structure of fat and thickness of the skin is different in women’s bodies than men’s, which is also why women experience this issue to such a higher degree. Hormones, genetics, and weight can also play a role. Fortunately, you do have options. Reducing excess fatty tissue in the area where you see cellulite can diminish the appearance of these indentations. Liposuction is one possible approach in severe cases, but surgery generally is not necessary.

For many patients, non-surgical fat reduction can significantly help reduce cellulite dimpling in the legs, buttocks, stomach, and other areas. At our practice, Dr. Mark Richards offers UltraSlim® treatments. UltraSlim is an innovative technology that uses a specific wavelength of red light to disrupt the fat’s cell wall, helping to deflate the fat cells and metabolize the mobilized fat by the liver and kidneys. Designed to be painless and highly effective, UltraSlim® gives women and men troubled by cellulite a noninvasive option that can make it easier than ever to achieve their desired goals.

Talk to us today to learn more about UltraSlim® and how this light-based technology can help you smooth and enhance your skin while reducing fat.

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