Combine Procedures for Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

HappyWomanIndividual facial rejuvenation procedures, including faceliftcheek lift, and brow lift, are designed to address specific areas of the face. Depending on your aesthetic goals, incorporating multiple techniques may assist you in obtaining more comprehensive facial enhancement. Employing an artistic eye and years of experience, Dr. Mark Richards, our skilled board certified plastic surgeon, can develop a customized multi-modality treatment plan that combines the appropriate methods for your unique anatomical needs and desired outcome.

Dr. Richards values that the various regions of the face (which he separates into top, middle, and bottom thirds) work in conjunction and affect one another when you form natural facial expressions. As a result, you may experience common signs of aging in more than one location, or more in one third than the others. A traditional facelift addresses the bottom third of the face, typically the lower mouth, chin, and jawline. A cheek lift restores the beautiful curves in the mid-facial region and corrects the aged appearance of the lower eyelids. Finally, a brow lift focuses on the upper face, mainly the eyebrow positioning. As all people age at different rates and in different ways, the best possible results for you may require treatment of more than one facial area.

It’s important to note, Dr. Richards will never recommend a procedure he feels is unnecessary, and he may advise you to try a less invasive approach before undergoing a surgical operation. During your initial consultation, you should feel free to speak honestly about your cosmetic aspirations and ask any questions you may have.

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