How Long Do Facelift Surgery Results Last?

shutterstock_237472138One of the most popular aesthetic procedures, facelift surgery is designed to help turn back time and restore a more youthful appearance. In addition to this benefit, a facelift also offers long-lasting results—but how enduring are they? Unlike dermal fillers that are intended to be temporary, surgery is a different thing entirely. Dr. Mark Richards, our board certified plastic surgeon, emphasizes that while this operation can provide results that last for a decade or longer, the natural process of aging will continue.

As with most procedures, each person’s experience will depend on their own unique factors. For instance, patients tend to age at different rates, and the way they age also varies. Furthermore, some individuals may spend more time in the sun or they may smoke, which can potentially age the skin faster than someone who avoids tobacco and diligently uses sunscreen. In general, however, results from a properly performed facelift should last 10 or even 15 or more for some men and women. Having reasonable expectations is important, but taking excellent care of your skin (and body) can help to make the outcome last as long as possible.

Patients have non-surgical options to extend the results, as well. The temporary dermal fillers mentioned above can help revitalize the face when mild to moderate signs of aging begin to show. Additionally, laser skin resurfacing and skin treatments can enhance the quality, tone, and texture of skin at any age. If you would like to know more, Dr. Richards and our knowledgeable medical team can offer other examples of coordinating procedures during your initial consultation.

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