How Is Rhinoplasty Different For Men?


Not only do men and women tend to have different cosmetic goals, they also require different technical approaches due to variations in anatomy. At Ageless Impressions – Plastic Surgery Institute, our extensively trained plastic surgeon customizes rhinoplasty to account for differences in each person’s tastes, anatomical needs, and desired outcome. So what are these differences? Dr. Mark Richards explains what types of modifications may be made to optimize the outcome for male patients:

There are a number of physiological differences between men and women. Men, for instance, tend to have thicker facial skin. As a result, swelling and bruising could last a little longer and be slightly more pronounced than for some women—although your experience may vary. The initial appearance will show some of the improvements made, while the finer improvements in the tip area may take six to 12 weeks to become apparent, dye to swelling. The final results from rhinoplasty should be visible in six to 12 months. Being well-informed about the timeline to expect during recovery can help make the time seem to pass faster and more pleasantly.

Cosmetic differences are also important. Many men seek a nose that is strong, straight, and in good proportion with their facial features. While women often request a proportional nose that’s thinner and slightly upturned, a look that may appear too feminine for certain patients. But sex does not solely determine ideal nose shape and size! Jawline strength or weakness, cheek width and prominence, and forehead prominence all play a role in determining the proper aesthetic proportions for a rhinoplasty.

Dr. Mark Richards tailors every treatment plan to best suit the needs of the individual. If you would like to know more about how rhinoplasty can be modified to help achieve your cosmetic goals, please reach out to our skilled team for more information.

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