Breast Reduction Surgery Candidates Maryland Washington DC

Please begin by telling us what kind of problems people with large breasts experience? Rocko it’s amazing. Women with large breasts experience pain in their back, their shoulders. Their bra straps will actually groove in and you can get an indentation.
And as far as who’s a typically candidate, who would you say? Rocko I would say that any woman whose large breasts are causing her symptoms of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, is a candidate for breast reduction, provided they’re in good health. What about men as well? Actually it’s funny that you say that. Male breast reduction is actually the 5th most common cosmetic procedure for men. However the procedure is very different for men than women. For men most of the time it’s just liposuction and removal of the extra fat and glandular tissue and allowing their skin to shrink back so the chest is flat. For women as we’ll see it’s a much more involved procedure.

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