Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Operation Maryland

How long does this procedure typically take? Well one somebody who’s never had anything done to their nose before I would say it could say it could take maybe as short as an hour and a half to maybe two and a half if there’s lots of cartilage additions I need to do. If it’s somebody who’s had 1, 2, 3 Rhinoplasty procedures elsewhere and they’re coming because they would like things that they’re not happy with corrected that can take 2 and a half to 3 hours. It makes it a much more difficult procedure. Can it affect your breathing? Well certainly. I mean the nose has two functions I guess. The most important being breathing. However that’s the one we tend to overlook when we discuss Rhinoplasty surgery because everyone’s concerned with the appearance. And I think it’s key. It’s absolutely key to improve form and function together.

Many times when I do a Rhinoplasty I’ll straighten out a septum or correct some out pouchings inside the nose called turbinates that typically humidify air as they go inside into your lungs. However they can become overexuberant and get really large and obstruct air flow, particularly in an area like Washington D.C. with lots of pollen and lots of allergens.

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