Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Recovery Time Maryland

What’s the typical recovery time from Rhinoplasty? Usually Rhinoplasty patients have black eyes, particularly if you need to move the nasal bones inward which happens in most cases. So I would say you can expect some black and blue or yellowing around the eyes for a week to 10 days afterwards. The initial recovery is uncomfortable not because of pain, as I said before, but because there’s packing frequently in the nose. There’s a splint on the outside which pushes the bones and tissues in and there’s packing on the inside which pushes the bones and tissues out. And this way I can keep things immobilized, sort of like a cast. The packing comes out at 3 days, the splint on the outside usually comes off at 7-8 days. Usually by 9-10 days they are able to go out to parties and look good with a little cover up makeup on the bruised eye lids. So one really couldn’t tell a 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks out that one maybe even had Rhinoplasty done on themselves? I can tell you that the second patient I showed you was 3 months out from surgery. The first patient I showed you is only 6 weeks after. Very impressive.

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