Breast Reduction Surgery Gallery Maryland

The first picture that we’re going to look at is a lady in her early 40s who has been wanting to have breast reduction for years. She has spasm of her trapezius muscle, that’s the muscle that goes from the neck down to the shoulders, and grooving of her shoulders, lot of weight, lot of back pain, and she does a physical job. On the right you can see her after breast reduction. Obviously she just looks like she’s more relaxed, just looks happier. Second patient is a younger woman who really has trapezius muscles and spasm. You can see them standing out and grooving by her shoulder. Very pendulous breasts meaning they hang a lot. And then again approximately 6 months after surgery you can see her results. With the nipples brought back up to a proper position the areole or the pigmented skin around the nipple reduced to an appropriate size, and the scars fairly well concealed. This last patient I actually show you two shots. Very heavy, very pendulous breasts. Obviously very large nipple and areolar complexes. A small bony frame with just tremendous amount of weight causing a lot of back and neck pain. There she is on her ¾ view and you can see where the incisions are placed, they’re around the areole, from the areole down to the crease, and then underneath the crease.
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