Definition of A Bad Facelift Surgery Maryland Washington DC

What is a bad face lift? Well Rocko while it’s difficult to say specifically what makes a bad face lift it’s certainly easy to pick one out. I’d say in general a bad face lift is one that makes the patient look bizarre or tight or aged. Now how can one salvage a bad face lift? It’s a difficult, technically challenging procedure. Most important thing is to evaluate what’s wrong. And although you may look at somebody who had a bad face lift and say, boy that’s a bad face lift. If I was to say to you, okay Rocko tell me what specific things make that face look bad? You’d be hard pressed to say. There’s unique difficulties to doing a face lift a second time on somebody. One is that you weren’t at the first surgery so you don’t truly know what was done. You have to try to sort of figure it out and expect the unexpected when you get in there. Now how long does it typically take to correct? That’s interesting, some patients only have a few things that make their face lift unsatisfactory, perhaps the cheeks were not elevated so the face is stretched and elongated and all they need is a cheek lift. Other people, such as Miss Tripp, really required I’d say an excess of 10 hours of work in order to correct all aspects of her face.

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