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The first patient that we’re showing is a woman in her early 50s. We have a front view where you can see the length of the lower eyelids on the left and the shortening of the lower eyelids after the cheek lift on the right. On the ¾ view you can see how the cheek is flattened, the right cheek is flattened. On the right hand side you can see after the cheek lift the natural curve that’s restored there. And finally on the side view you can appreciate the flatness of the cheek on the left-hand side. When you look at the right-hand picture you can see how the cheek is swept upwards and has a light reflection on it. It’s a reflection of beauty and youth. Second patient is approximately 40. Picture on the left shows a tired, somewhat perhaps unhappy looking person even though she is not unhappy at all. On the right side she looks more like she’s in her 30s, happy, the eyelids are shortened, they’re smoother. On the ¾ view you can see on the picture on the left how the cheek is flattened and on the right how there’s some prominence and some light reflection and again the eyelids have been shortened considerably. And finally on the side view you can see that some neck work was done as well however the enhancement of the cheek exposes more of the lip and again raises the light reflection and gives her some prominence of the cheek that is symbolic of youth and happiness. The third patient is in her 40s but has tremendous issues going on with the lower eyelids and the cheek area. You can see that on front view on the left, and on the right hand picture the cheeks are up, the eyelids are much shortened, she has a happy expression, really reflecting how she feels inside. On the ¾ shot again you can see the pouching by the mouth, the downturn of the lips in the corner. On the left side and on the right side the mouth when she’s at rest is at a neutral expression, it’s not unhappy, and you can see the prominence of the cheeks. Again with her on the side view you can see the prominence of the lateral side of the cheek, the outside part of the cheek, being brought up.

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