Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Gallery Maryland

The first patient that we’re looking at is a woman in her 20s who came to me and as you can see from the picture on the left she has a curvature to her nose, she has excessive width of her dorsum, the boning part of the nose, and she has some fullness of the nasal tip. On the right hand picture you can see that the nose is slightly narrowed. The nasal tip is natural but more defined. On the ¾ view you can see how before surgery the nasal tip not only didn’t have the cartilage definition but actually stuck out a bit. The top of the nose is flattened and wide. You can see the light reflections over the bones that were spread apart at the top, that’s just the way she was. And the after shot on the right, you can see the nasal dorsum is a smooth curve with an even light reflection coming right down the center of the nose where it should be. The nasal tip is slightly more rounded but more delicate at the same time. And the nasal tip is elevated ever so slightly. And finally on her side view you can see quite a change. Remember earlier I was discussing how you can have an indent up by the bridge of your nose that makes a hump look larger. I actually took down her nasal bones just a very tiny bit even though on the side view here it looks like she has a hump. What I did though is I filled in the indent with some cartilage, and you can see how it makes the nose look smaller even though I in fact added something to it.

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