Eyelid Surgery Maryland Gallery Dr. Mark Richards

Rocko in our first set of pictures this is strictly laser resurfacing of the lower eyelids. The lower eyelids in the before picture are wrinkly, the skin is irregular maybe from the fat pads underneath but really when I look at this patient the problem I see that the lower eyelid skin has become thin, the callogen has become thin, the elasticity of the lower eyelid has gone. I didn’t even make a single incision. I just vaporized the outer layer of skin delicately with a CO2 laser and that was it. Within about a month, two months, the skin of the lower eyelid turns back to white from its sort of light sunburned pink and the lid becomes smooth. The second picture is obviously an Asian woman who has lower eyelids that have sort of sunken in. They’ve become a little elongated, by elongated I mean their height from lash line down to where the eyelids stop on the cheek has become too long. It’s no longer youthful. In the after picture which is taken only a couple months after surgery you can see she still has a tiny bit of swelling of the lid but the lid height is short again, which is a sign of youth, the loose skin the sunkenness the tiredness is gone. She is much more bright eyed.
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