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So what would be some areas as to how one would correct these eyelid problems? The upper lid is really straightforward. There is an incision in the upper eyelid crease a conservative amount of extra upper eyelid skin is removed, you don’t want the eyelid too tight, and a small amount of upper eyelid fat is removed. You don’t want a hollowed out appearance, so it’s just a conservative amount. With the lower eyelid it’s much more complex. There are many more variables. The lower eyelid can be loose. In other words it can cause you dry-eye problems, you can get redness and inflammation of the lower lid because the lower eyelid has lost its attachment really to the bone of the corner of the eye. That’s corrected by tightening that ligament right back to the bone. The fat pads of the lower eyelids used to be taken out all the time. That turned out to be the exact wrong choice. It gives a hollowed out appearance, it gives an aged appearance and we’ve found out that to be youthful you need to retain fat in your face. Very interesting. Now can these procedures be done comfortably say under local anesthesia? Some can be done under local anesthesia and some cannot. The simple ones just taking extra skin from the upper or lower eyelids, maybe tightening up the corner of the eyelid that can be done under a local anesthesia comfortably. When I’m actually taking the fat and leaving it attached but flipping it over the bone into the hollows of the cheek you probably want to asleep for that. It doesn’t take very long but it is not comfortable. Best to be under during that procedure. Best to be under during. Afterwards you feel great.
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