Facelift Revision Surgery Maryland Case 2

Our second patient is a lovely woman who had a face lift perhaps about 5 years before and she felt it just didn’t hold, and that was her main complaint. It wasn’t that she was unhappy when she first had it, it’s that 5 years later she feels she looks tired and she looks aged. Again if you look at the front view on the left you can see the face looks tired. She’s still an attractive woman but the face looks tired. The lower eyelids are elongated, the cheeks are flat. Her facial shape is rectangular instead of oval. After having a brow lift done and cheek lift done, the neck resuspended and the facial skin laid gently over this entirely new structure she looks much more youthful and it highlights her beautiful facial bone structure. On the side view you can see the neck certainly didn’t hold up over time and that really bothered her greatly. You can also see the joweling along the jaw line so that once the neck and I would say that she almost looks better today than she did 6 months out from surgery because everything’s softened and looked better.

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