Ensuring Successful Facelift Surgery Maryland – Dr. Mark Richards

What precautions can one take to prevent an unsatisfactory facelift from having to them. Patients need to do due diligence, they really need to research their doctor. There is nothing more technically and artistically demanding than facial rejuvenation. These patients need to select their doctor not only on board certification which really is a must but also on experience, also by looking at that doctor’s before and after picture books to see what sort of work gets done. And those are their own before and after pictures and not the pictures they got from the internet for instance? Exactly it is of crucial importance. Perhaps looking at their friends, seeing which of their friends went to doctors. Maybe facelifts they like, maybe facelifts they don’t like. At least they have the information and they need to know. It’s not an easy surgery and correcting it is not an easy procedure.

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