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Dr. Richards can you please begin by telling us what the short scar arm lift using the minimal incision bracioplasty technique is. Sure Rocko. The short scar arm lift is a variation of bracioplasty. Bracioplasty means tightening the arm skin, and it’s done with as small a scar as possible along the arm pit instead of extending from the arm pit down to the elbow. And what precisely does it do as far as it tightens the excess skin, the hanging skin that a person may have in that region of the arm? Yes Rocko the short incision bracioplasty or the short incision arm lift is where the excess skin of the upper arm is tightened into the arm pit as opposed to having a long incision that goes down the inside of the arm which is more traditional. And how long has this procedure been around? There’s been many attempts to improve upon traditional bracioplasty. For decades people have made the incision that has extended from your armpit down to the elbow. Very few people are happy with the resulting scar. So several people have made attempts at shortening the scar. This is one of those techniques and I wrote about it and described it in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal which is our national plastic surgery journal in 2001.

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