Performing Tummy Tuck Surgery Maryland – Dr. Mark Richards

And how is this procedure performed? Well the procedure is performed by using an incision that’s low. Sometimes people want a French cut incision because that’s their clothing style. Sometimes they want a hip hugger type incision because that’s their style. You need to take all these factors into account. Through that incision on the lower abdomen, which could very long or could be very short and confined to almost just above the pubic area. I can remove extra skin. I can perform liposuction. I can tighten up the abdominal muscles which have been loosened either by weight gain or weight loss or by pregnancies and then through other smaller incisions at different places, maybe on the hips or the lower back, I can suction out the waist and really create the figure that somebody would want. In fact, you can even do whats called high-definition sculpting of the body where you sculpt out a six pack on the rectus muscles. Make them look like they’re gym rats. I find that very interesting. You basically can use, for instance, liposuction in conjunction with the surgical procedure for the tummy tuck that you described to really enhance the results and maximize what one is looking to have accomplished. That is exactly right Rocko.

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