Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Gallery 2 Maryland

On the second patient she had a combination of external complaints and internal complaints. She had a wide nose, she had a wide nasal tip, and she also had some breathing problems, her turbinates were too big. On the right hand side of this front view you can see it’s much more delicate. The nasal tip has points of light at the tip which you can’t even see in the before picture and the light reflection coming down the center of the nose at the end. On the ¾ view you can see that she does indeed have a nasal hump. It’s not just a matter of the radius being too low. And by smoothing out the nasal hump, putting a curvature in there that she would like and she asked me for, I could make a more delicate nose for her, something more proportionate to her face. And finally on the side view, when you look at this and if I focus you on the chin you think that actually I gave her a chin implant. This shows you the power of the nose in the proportion of her face because I did nothing to her chin. All I did was reduce the nasal hump and now her jaw line looks stronger and more normal and natural and attractive. And that was strictly through working on the nose.

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