Eyelid Surgery Maryland Gallery 2 Dr. Mark Richards

In our third picture Rocko it is very aged eye appearance, somebody who has had either a lot of sun damage or smoking or both and the skin has lost its elasticity. It’s creased, it’s wrinkled, it’s excess and this is a very youthful personality that is hiding right now behind aged looking eyes. So conservative lower eyelids conservative resection of the upper eyelid skin. I didn’t all of the sudden try to make her 20. But what I did is I made her bright eyed, and she was very happy with the results. She felt it was natural and she didn’t look scary, she looked attractive. That was the goal. Rocko in our fourth set of pictures this is the opposite extreme. This is a very young patient somebody who you typically wouldn’t think would not come to a plastic surgeon for eyelids. You see what looks like a tired person. She bags under her eyes. She has deep hollows under her eyes. And even though you get the sense that probably she is young you certainly can’t see it. And in the after picture she had a lower eyelid incision done. She had the skin and muscle lifted off, the fat pads flipped over the bone underneath the eye into the hollows of the cheek and sewn into position. The eyelid tightened back to the corner of her eye to give that more almond shaped, elongated, youthful appearance. And with that the apparent or the visual vertical height of the eyelid was shortened and now her lower eyelids actually match the youthful face that she has.

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