Eyelid Surgery Maryland Gallery 3 Dr. Mark Richards

In the fifth picture I am going to show you a very early post-operative shot. This gentleman had a cheek lift but also lower eyelids with fat pads transposition. I took the fat pads with lower lids and flipped them down onto the cheek. I shortened the vertical height and here he is, probably only six weeks after this rather extensive surgery of his lower lids. And you can see even though he still has a little bit of post-operative redness, he is looking much more youthful and it matches his personality much more than the tired appearance he had before. Rocko our final picture shows really shows the complete package. It’s everything we have talked about today, with the exception of laser resurfacing. This woman had her upper eyelids addressed and the extra skin taken and the fat pads in the corners of her eyes, on the upper lid, removed. The lower lids had lots of problems. They had looseness. They had bulging of the fat pads. They had a long vertical height. They had deep hollows in the upper cheek which accentuated the fact that she had fat pads. So I used the fat of the lower lid to fill in the hollow. I tightened up the lower lid. I shortened the vertical height. And in the after picture you can see a much improved appearance.
[flv:https://www.drmarkrichards.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/flv/high_c6_v5.flv 400 300]

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