What Is VASER® LipoSelection®?

photo3646Even with strict diet and exercise, many of our patients express concern about stubborn pockets of fat that never seem to disappear. At our plastic surgery practice, Dr. Mark Richards offers an innovative procedure to help treat these persistent fatty deposits and help to contour the body for a firmer, more youthful appearance. VASER® LipoSelection® is a state-of the-art method of fat removal that offers a multitude of benefits, typically with less discomfort and downtime than traditional liposuction.

VASER® LipoSelection® uses a dual approach to treat excess fat. The first step utilizes a titanium probe that emits ultrasonic energy designed to break up fat without harming adjacent tissue. This technology also allows Dr. Richards the opportunity to fine-tune the contouring process to target highly specific areas of concern for a more natural-looking silhouette. The second step employs a specialized cannula (tube) called a Ventex cannula to suction the fat from the body. This unique Ventex cannula is more than just small in size; the tube is fashioned with widely spaced holes and rounded edges to help minimize damage to neighboring nerves, vessels, and connective tissue. This design also allows for enhanced precision and less trauma when contouring both the body and neck.

One of the best benefits of VASER® LipoSelection® is its versatility. This technology can be administered on nearly any body part, including the waist, breasts (during breast reduction), arms, thighs, neck, and legs. Some patients even utilize treatment to delicately contour their calves and ankles. Precision applications are numerous and often combined with other body sculpting procedures such as tummy tuck or breast re-shaping. Vaser typically provides a reduced recovery time and enhanced comfort. We choose to exclusively offer VASER® LipoSelection® for fat reduction treatment.

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