Who Should You Tell About Your Plastic Surgery?


Choosing to have plastic surgery is an exciting decision. Who you decide to share this information with is completely up to you. While spouses often tell each other a great deal, some people hesitate to let their significant others know about a cosmetic treatment before or after it’s performed.

Dr. Mark Richards, our board certified plastic surgeon, understands privacy is paramount when it comes to healthcare matters. He emphasizes that it’s up to each person individually to determine who they would like to know about their medical procedure. It can sometimes be helpful to talk about your thoughts regarding plastic surgery with close friends and family before you make your decision—but it is by no means required. Our skilled medical team can also be a useful resource for additional information as regards hiring short term support services for postoperative care.

While it is usually helpful to have supportive significant others by your side, if you feel they will not be as supportive as you would like, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your decision to yourself. Whatever your choice, we honor it and only share your medical information as you dictate.

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